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The Ohio Architect Engineer and Builder magazine was a periodical published by a Cleveland firm that showcased architects and buildings in the greater Cleveland area. Although its main focus was on projects in the city of Cleveland, the magazine also featured other homes and projects of Architects in cities across the country and, in some cases, other countries. Many Youngstown homes and buildings were designed by Cleveland Architects and Architects in other cities as well.

You can find a lot of historically interesting stuff in these old magazines such as dates when private citizens let a contract to have their home built, the cost involved, the location of the project, the projected or actual build date of a project, renovation projects to existing buildings in Youngstown and surrounding areas, building materials research, statistics such as the growth of Youngstown's population over the years, etc... LOTS of good stuff for history buffs, researchers and admirers of Early 20th Century Architecture such as myself.

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Issues with Photos of Youngstown Homes and
articles about the architects who designed them:

 1903 - February, April, May
 1904 - April
 1905 - August
 1911 - October, December
 1912 - February, December
 1913 - Ocober, November, December